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Our mission is to
inspire, equip, and connect
PC(USA) congregations on the
US-Mexico border and beyond



We envision beloved communities flourishing in the presence of God - working for narrative, systems, and personal change



1 in 72 people on earth is forcibly displaced.

"no one leaves home unless

home is the mouth of a shark

you only run for the border

when you see the whole city running as well."

"you have to understand,

that no one puts their children in a boat

unless the water is safer than the land"


"I want to go home,

but home is the mouth of a shark

home is the barrel of the gun

and no one would leave home

unless home chased you to the shore."

"Home" by Warsan Shire



In partnership with Abara, the support of Synod of the Sun and Tres Rios Presbytery, our Blend of Focus Areas are defined through Narrative, Systems, and Personal Change.

Our Mission is applied in Three Ways:


Border Encounters

We invite PC(USA) congregations, students, and leaders to attend 3 day trainings (aka "listening trips") with Abara. We amplify voices on the border, introduce a theology of migration, peace building, visit shelters, and more 

Reserve dates here



Border Response

We accompany shelter leaders and pastors through direct support in response to pressing needs on both sides of the US-MX border.

We also invite churches to advocate with Presbyterian Disaster Assistance and PC(USA)'s Office of Immigration to address root causes and solutions


We are Presbyterian by name and ecumenical in mission. Being a Presbyterian is neither a benefit nor an obstacle to assistance. Neither does one need to be a Christian in order to receive assistance. We are one participant in a wide network of shelters on both sides of the border in collaboration with Abara.


We invite you to partner with Tres Rios Border Foundation through a blend of ministries as we join where God is already on the move. Below is a list of examples of our Core Focus Areas and the kinds of shelters and ministries with which the foundation is partnering to accompany asylum seekers and families through direct support in response to global migration.

Business on the Border

 Self-Empowerment, Occupational Training, Microenterprise

Health on the Border

Healthcare, Leader Care + Renewal, Trauma Care, LGBTQ+ Refuge

 Christ on the Border

Christian Faith Development


Welcome on the Border

 Migrant/ Asylum Seekers/ Refugee Care

Youth on the Border

Child Development - Unaccompanied Minors

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